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Hello I am Busterella I am an artist and also a horrible monster.
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Being super-duper secret and about super-secret-project is hard so I’m going to be slightly less secret.  Here look ~things~

figure drawing spam incoming

figure drawing spam incoming

Had a bit of a breakthrough in regards to how I’m going to handle my mecha game (no, that’s not dead.  At all.  I tend to mull over things like this for a long, long time, haha).  Might talk about it a bit later.

Once my book is done and I have more time, I’ll probably make mecha stuff third priority (under supersecretproject and Squishyverse).

I also have an idea for yet another original project, though it’s probably going to be much smaller.

alicornmoonstar asked: Say five facts about yourself and then send this to ten of your favorite followers who you absolutely love.

YAY A THING uhhh….

-The last time I got one of these I said I had pink hair.  This is no longer true.  It is now brown.  And much shorter.

-I own about four pairs of lighting bolt earrings and plan to buy more. I only have two pairs of earrings that aren’t lightning bolts.

-I don’t watch a lot of live action tv because I have mild face-blindness and thus get confused very easily.  Sometimes I worry that my face-blindness negatively affects my art i ways I’ll never see/understand.

-Both my parents have tattoos.  I don’t have one but I want one.  Someday.

-Uh…I’m boring and dumb. EDIT: Oh and it’s my birthday tomorrow.