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Hello I am Busterella I am an artist and also a horrible monster.
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trying new things
am I doin’ this right


trying new things

am I doin’ this right


This place is really slow/dead, atm about 95% of my artistic output is either A) for work, which I can’t show B) for personal original stuff that I can’t show yet or C) for my Powerpuff Girls fanprojectfuturecomicthing, which has it’s own blog.  Since I want to keep this blog super tidy I also post most of my inspo stuff and the occasional dumb personal updates on my PpG blog instead of this one.

So basically if you want to keep up with my current art output, etc either follow my PpG blog too or, if that doesn’t interest you, be patient haha

Mom asked me to draw a bb dragon so I did

various technique tests

A more final-ish design for one of my alien chicks.  She has extra arms now.


Hello lovely ppl

This is where I (Busterella) plan to dump thoughts about my mecha DA game idea that I hope to make eventually.  Any art will still be posted on my regular blog, so only follow if you are interested in blab specifically.  If you would like to help me out or possibly join the future game staff, I will happily make you a member. :3

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Being super-duper secret and about super-secret-project is hard so I’m going to be slightly less secret.  Here look ~things~